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Free-Wheeling - Pink Wheels Nail Art Design - Essie Nail Polish Looks

follow your next big adventure with this free-spirited nail art.
step 1: hydrate with apricot cuticle oil.
step 2: clean then prep nails with an essie base coat.
step 3: apply 2 coats of coacha'bella. let dry.
step 4: using a striping brush dipped in groove is in the heart, create three concentric semi-circles on the nail--making the middle ring the thickest.
step 5: add thin lines to create the ""spokes"" of the wheel. start from the thickest ring of the wheel and pull the lines to the center of the wheel.
step 6: create shorter lines on either side of the spokes, ending at the center ring.
step 7: shine + seal with an essie top coat.

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Freeze Frame - Geometric Gray Nail Art Design - Essie Nail Polish Looks

nail art

freeze frame

on the red carpet or behind the lens, this nail look is always pretty as a picture.

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