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hey stud

Hey Stud - Metallic Blue and Copper Nail Art Design - Essie Nail Polish Looks

turn heads. catch eyes. leave them stunned in this flirty metallic nail design.
step 1: hydrate with apricot cuticle oil.
step 2: clean then prep nails with an essie base coat.
step 3: apply two coats of bell-bottom blues.
step 4: using a detail brush, create a small triangle shaped stud at the cuticle of the pinke, middle, and thumb nails with leggy legend.
step 5: on the ring nail, create a line of three small triangle studs near the tip of the nail. the center triangle should point towards the cuticle, and the other two should point towards the tip. add a row of small dots near the cuticle.
step 6: on the pointer nail, creatie another row of three triangle studs near the cuticle and add another row near the tip.
step 7: shine + seal with an essie top coat.

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nail art

holidaze by rita remark

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