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queen mums

Queen Mums - Nail Art by Essie

it's getting groovy with nail art featuring our winter 2016 collection
step 1: after a thin layer of essie base coat, apply two coats of ready to boa.
step 2: apply small dots of party on a platform over the first set of dots — centering each cluster of 4 so that the first set of gold “petals”is still visible around the outside.
step 3: apply medium dots of getting groovy in tight groups of 4 “petals” evenly across the nail.
step 4: add a small dot of ready to boa at the center of each flower, then seal with essie top coat.

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nail art

racy stripes

keep it simple, keep it chic. in two shades of purple, this bold, minimalist stripe is all the embellishment you need.

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