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Ring Around It - Outline Nail Art Design - Essie Nail Polish Looks

create edgy elegance instantly with a bold nail art look in sensuous muted tones finished with a pop of copper metallic.
step 1: hydrate with apricot cuticle oil.
step 2: clean then prep nail with an essie base coat and/or treatment.
step 3: apply 2 coats of smokin' hot. let dry.
step 4: apply one coat of merino cool around the perimeter of the entire nail. let dry.
step 5: using penny talk and a toothpick or a liner brush from a craft store, draw a thin line around the perimeter of the nail. let dry.
tip: the width of merino cool and penny talk should be equal.
step 6: shine + seal with an essie top coat.
step 7: fast dry + protect with quick-e drying drops

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nail art

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